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Frequently Asked Questions « Palazzo Estates

Palazzo Estates

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most Common Questions

    There are thousands of questions that come up when you are building a new home.... these are the most popular.
  • How much does it cost to build ?
    The cost can very depending on how expensive your tastes are. The average 5000 square foot home will cost approximately $300 - $500 dollars per square foot of livable space....read more
  • What is the best room to spend money on ?
    The best place in the house to get the most of your money is where you spend most of your time... the kitchen. Next is the master bathroom. And then...read more
  • What is a good lot size and shape for building on?
    We recommend at least 1/2 of an acre of flat land for every 4000 square feet of livable space. Not including garage space. So, for a 7000 square foot home...read more
  • How long will it take to build our home ?
    The design process can take as long as 6 to 9 months depending approval from your Artitechual commitee. The permit process will take at least 2-3 months. The Building process...read more
  • What is the best insulation for the house?
    All of our homes have exterior walls framed with 2x12 walls. With 12 inch thick walls the best way to insulate them is with spray foam. It fills every nook...read more
  • What are the best windows for arizona ?
    We prefer at least double pane windows for added insulation from our hot weather. But if it is in your budget, triple pane windows especially if they face the afternoon...read more
  • Are high end appliances worth the money ?
    This is really a matter of taste and the decor you want for your kitchen. Do they work better? NO There really nice middle of teh road appliances that have...read more
  • Do I really need a water softener ?
    Yes - Arizona's water is very hard which means it is full of minerals. Without a water softener your plumbing fixtures will have calcium rings on them within 6 months...read more
  • Which is better a regular roof or a flat roof ?
    Obviously it depends on the style of home you want. We don't like a flat roof. They leave very little crawl space for your AC equipment and ducks, They are...read more
  • How much Air Conditioning will I need ?
    The rule of thumb... is 1 ton of AC for every 500 square feet of livable space. We think this amount of air conditioning places too much load on the...read more
  • Technology changes fast, how do we plan for the future?
    By the time we are done running low voltage wires in the walls they seem to be outdated. The best way around this is to run plastic pipe in the...read more