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Our Reviews

  • Dr. Melinda Rose

    “We were extremely pleased with our home building experience. Mike paid close attention to our needs and desires, and we appreciated his advice on green building, low maintenance and possible repair issues that can arise in a new home. In several instances we felt he went above and beyond merely doing his job.  Often he would stay late or work on the weekend to make sure every thing was done right. And we were able to get a hold of him on short notice to answer any questions. In addition, he is quite personable and we enjoyed his company. We never felt pushed into anything we didn’t want."

  • Dr. Paul Van Berkel

    “We are proud owners of a Palazzo Estates luxury home. We have been in our home for over four years and we really appreciate the quality. Perhaps the most important, and rewarding part of our building experience was the services package provided by Mike and his team. His architects took extra time designing our home's floor plan, so it would fully enhance our sunset views of the golf course, mountains and the city lights. Also, interior decorators and a huge list of suppliers were provided to assist us with our color selections, tile choices, etc."

  • Dr. Stacey Olsen

    "How times flies. It has been two years since we moved in (seems like it was just yesterday) and it reminds me that I have been remiss in thanking you, once again, for this great house. We have truly enjoyed our winters here. After the great experience we had building this one, I would say let’s do it again, but we plan to enjoy this home for a long time. Mike, the quality of our home is exactly what you said it would be…excellent. The few times we had problems that needed some changes, you never hesitated to be there for us. Your concern and dedication are probably the main reasons why you have been so successful."

  • Myrna & Armand Slason

    “Building our new home was a great experience. People warned us that building would be a nightmare, and once it was completed; we would never want to build again. That was definitely not the case with Mike and Palazzo Estates. From choosing a lot and designing a floor plan, to the final punch out list and walk through one year after moving in, Mike was knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to our questions and concerns. On many occasions, Mike went far beyond what was necessary to ensure that we were satisfied with everything in our new home. His team of Architects, designers, subcontractors and suppliers were so easy to work with. We received first class treatment throughout the entire building process. We are celebrating our third anniversary in this house, and we are as happy with it today as when we first moved in.”

  • Mary & Rob Koelsch

    “Thank you so much for your great services. Mary and I want to express how much we appreciate the way you were so patient during a very difficult process. I still find it hard to believe our home was completed on time and under budget. Mike, you were excellent to work with. You kept a sharp eye out for us during the building process. We appreciated your responsiveness, and concern for our home while the construction was underway. And you were so efficient in arranging for everything in a timely fashion. We are extremely pleased with the end results."

  • Dr. David Molder

    “I can't express the comfort and security I felt during this daunting time knowing my builder was there to answer any questions and concerns. At Palazzo Estates we found more than a builder, we found friends who took at heart all our wishes and concerns. At the time, we were not local residents, so for us peace of mind was critical. We needed someone who we felt we could trust to protect our interests and our investment. Not only did he build our house exactly the way we wanted, he guided us along the way, making us feel at home."

  • John & Karen Reen

    "When deciding to build in 2004, we knew we wanted Mike to build our home. However, we did check out the other builders in the area. In addition to high quality, we felt that Mike’s homes were among the most creative and artistic. Mike has excellent taste and enjoys making his homes unique. He would tell us which of our ideas could work and which ones could not. He did everything possible to please us and spend countless hours with us making sure everything was done the right way and to our satisfaction. He told us that nothing makes him happier than pleasing his home buyers, and we believe him. We also enjoyed Mike’s personality and good humor, but if it wasn't for Mike’s expertise we wouldn't be relaxing in the home of our dreams.”